Citizens Now Has A New, Open MRI System to Improve Our MRI Patient Experience.

Citizens Medical Center has added the latest-generation in open MRI systems to our Radiology services, the Panorama 1.0T from Philips Medical Systems, to the impressive list of technological services available to patients and physicians in the region. Not only does this MRI system offer physicians high-field image quality for advanced applications, it also features a completely open design that makes getting an MRI a more positive experience.

Many patients, due to their size or feelings of claustrophobia, prefer open MRI systems. The Panorama 1.0T features the widest patient gap of any high-field MRI system. And, physicians will appreciate the high-resolution images possible from the high-field-strength magnet within the Panorama 1.0T that enable them to make better diagnoses.

“The Panorama 1.0T MR system we have installed offers an unprecedented combination of clinical excellence and patient acceptance. The image quality of this open design will improve our patient care. We’re able to see more patients, give them a comfortable experience, and get the most effective results from our work. This system is a tremendous diagnostic benefit to the community,” said Radiologist,
Dr. James F. Neumann.

“The hospital also wants to recognize and thank the Citizens Medical Center Volunteer Auxiliary for their generous $50,000 donation to help us secure this equipment,” said David P. Brown, Citizens Medical Center Administrator.

Citizens Medical Center is pleased to be able to offer this important improvement in healthcare to its patients. Citizens Medical Center has been providing quality health care services to the Crossroads region since 1956. Patient referrals may be made by calling (361) 570-7277.