Want to Volunteer

The volunteers at Citizens Medical Center, affectionately referred to as the “pink ladies”, provide support to our patients, visitors, and staff in and throughout the hospital.

The Volunteer Mission

“The Mission of the Citizens Medical Center Auxiliary is to promote and to advance the welfare of Citizens Medical Center and its patients.”

Want to Volunteer?

If you would like to become a Volunteer at Citizens Medical Center, or have questions about our Volunteer services, contact Glenda Gibbs, Volunteer Coordinator, at extension 5236.

About the Volunteer Program

Citizens Medical Center is proud to have the Citizens Medical Center Auxiliary to assist in helping our patients, visitors, and staff in and throughout the hospital. The Auxiliary consists of 125 active volunteers who have contributed more than 34,000 hours of service to the hospital in the past year. Not only have they given of their time, but they have also given of themselves in many different ways and in many different areas of the hospital.

volunteer-wheelchairThe Auxiliary graciously donated four fish aquariums to the hospital – a 220 gallon aquarium is located in the surgery waiting area, a second 240 gallon aquarium is located on the first floor in the middle lobby, a third 540 gallon rectangle aquarium is located in the emergency room waiting area, and a fourth 92 gallon aquarium is located on the first floor in radiation oncology for our oncology patients. “Fish therapy” decreases stress and increases relaxation while patients and their families are waiting in the hospital. These are all positives in a healthcare facility like Citizens.

Scholarships are important to the Auxiliary. Six nursing scholarships, four radiological student scholarships, and six Regional Science Fair scholarships are generously donated and awarded each year to these deserving students.

The Volunteers have won state awards for their Infant Demise program, graciously donating all infant gowns, caps, and booties for the babies, and providing all grief literature to the Women’s Pavilion for grieving parents and family members. The S.A.N.E. (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners) program benefits from donations from the Volunteers each year. All newborn infants are offered a car seat when they are dismissed from the hospital, which is provided by the Auxiliary. And donated teddy bears are a comfort for our pediatric patients. Volunteers sew and distribute “heart pillows” to our cardiac surgery patients to hold over their chests (“heart”) when they cough or sneeze so their sutures will not rupture. They also create and provide patient meal tray favors for each holiday. And, too numerous to mention, are the many monetary gifts given to the hospital by the Auxiliary.

The hospital Gift Shop, operated by the Auxiliary, provides enjoyment and ease of shopping for our patients, visitors, and staff. It is decorated for each holiday of the year, and always provides an array of lovely gifts, flowers, balloons, plants, and cards. Volunteers operate the Gift Shop, located in the main lobby, during each weekday.


Monday through Friday — 9:00 am to 8:00 pm
Saturday — 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Sunday — 11:00 am to 3:00 pm

Pastoral Care Volunteers provide spiritual literature to each new patient, and visit each new patient when they are admitted.  Volunteers deliver newspapers to each patient room every morning. Also, a transportation cart is available to assist patients and visitors in getting from the parking lot into the hospital and then back to their cars. The cart covers all the areas of the hospital grounds offering rides or assistance.

Information desks are conveniently located for our patients and visitors at the Kathryn O’Connor Regional Cancer Center entrance, main lobby entrance, surgical waiting area, and emergency room. The Volunteers assigned to these desks are instrumental in directing patients and families to rooms and different departments of the hospital. The care, concern, and dedication of all of the Volunteers is evident as they do their jobs every day of the week helping patients, visitors, and staff.

The Auxiliary also provides the poinsettias each year for the lovely poinsettia tree located in the Main Lobby during Christmas; coordinates the employee arts and crafts show, “On My Own Time”, held in the spring of each year; and coordinates and recruits local area artists for the “Artist of the Month” displays in the hospital lobby.

This past summer, Citizens Medical Center had 32 junior volunteers working in various departments of the hospital. The Junior Volunteer Summer Program has allowed young students to learn about the different roles in health care and assists them in making career choices in the health care field. The program is open to all students 14 years of age or older. Contact Glenda Gibbs, Volunteer Coordinator, at extension 5236 if you are interested in your child participating in the Junior Volunteer Summer Program.