Group Fitness

At Citizen's HealthPlex, we offer a wide variety of fitness classes to fit virtually any need. All of our classes are taught by experienced, certified instructors who will provide you with a safe and effective workout. All of our group fitness classes are available with paid membership.

  • Level I classes are for appropriate for all exercisers.
  • Level II classes are for intermediate to advanced exercisers.
  • Level III is for advanced exercisers.

Level I Class Options:

ClassDescriptionClass Length
Arthritis BasicIncrease strength and range of motion with exercises recommended by the Arthritis Foundation45 minutes
Arthritis PlusIncrease cardiovascular endurance and strength using exercises recommend by the Arthritis Foundation45 minutes
Aquatics 101Light water aerobics for beginners45 minutes
Beginning Pilates MatTraditional Pilates exercises to strengthen core muscles45 minutes
Balance TrainingFocuses on improving balance for mature members30 minutes
Bodies in MotionCardio and toning exercises geared toward mature members45 minutes
EZ MotionStrengthening and conditioning in the Therapy Pool45 minutes
Foam RollerMyofascial release for muscles and joints30 minutes
First GearCycling class for beginners45 minutes
Fitness 101Light aerobics to introduce members to exercise45 minutes
Gentle YogaSlow, smooth yoga designed for beginners45 minutes
Partner YogaFind a friend and experiment with basic yoga moves and breathing techniques45 minutes
Tai ChiMeditation in Motion – slow martial arts with a strength and balance focus45 minutes
Toning for BeginnersTotal body resistance training for beginners30 minutes
Yoga for BeginnersYoga for the novice or mature adult45 minutes
Yoga for Beginners +Yoga for slightly more advanced beginners45 minutes

Level II Class Options:

ClassDescriptionClass Length
3-2-1Phase 3: strength training; Phase 2: cardio; Phase 1: abs/core training45 to 60 minutes
AquafitModerate intensity water aerobics55 minutes
Barre BlendCombination of classical ballet and Pilates45 minutes
Barre BlastShorter Barre Blend class30 minutes
Core & BoSUCore and abdominal exercises45 minutes
Deep DefinitionDeep water training with strengthening and toning45 minutes
Flow YogaSmooth, flowing yogaVaries
Hot YogaChallenging yoga work out in a warm studio55 minutes
HydrofitModerate intensity water aerobics45 minutes
Indoor CyclingStationary cycling that simulates hills, sprints, and even-paced rides45 minutes
Muscle FlexMuscle conditioning using specialized equipment55 minutes
Pilates FusionFunctional strength and balance combined with Pilates45 minutes
Pilates MatClassic Pilates mat work that strengthens the coreVaries
StepTraditional Step workout with the Reebok Step55 minutes
Step IntervalCardio and strength training45 minutes
Total Body ToningStrengthen and tone the whole body45 minutes
Traditional Pilates Mat Strengthen the body using only your own body weight and resistance45 minutes
Yoga SweatFitness-based, warmer yoga (by the lap pool)55 minutes
ZumbaLatin and international dance for a fun cardio workout55 minutes

Level III Class Options:

ClassDescriptionClass Length
30 –minute BlastHigh intensity cross-training (can be scaled for all fitness levels)30 days
Boot CampSerious athletic trainingVaries
Cycle & KBsCycling with upper body strength and toning with KBs30 minutes
Cycle & WeightsCycling with upper body strength and toning with dumbbells30 minutes
Cycle BlastHigh-intensity cycling30 minutes

Call the Citizen's HealthPlex at (361) 570-5433 for more information about our class options. You can also view the fitness class schedule here.