Pilates Training

Pilates Training

Our complete Pilates physical conditioning program focuses on strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, and posture. Our Pilates Training is unique because we tailor the classes to fit every strength and flexibility level. Each exercise can be modified to prevent discomfort or injury. We also use a mini-ball to increase or decrease the intensity of the exercise.

Pilates Training Packages

Training sessions are available to HealthPlex members only.

Thirty-Minute Training Sessions


Sixty-Minute Training Sessions


Partner (duet) and trio training are also available.

Benefits of Pilates Training

Pilates helps participants increase their coordination and strength by combining elongating exercises with breathing techniques. It is also easily adjusted to fit the needs of older adults. Core strength and stabilization are a focal point in our Pilates training sessions.

Pilates has many additional benefits, including:

  • Providing a complementary program to cardio or weight training
  • Reducing back pain, joint stiffness, and reducing arthritis
  • Increasing overall range of motion and control
  • Providing a functional program that will enhance participants’ daily lives

Call the Citizen’s HealthPlex at (361) 570-5433 to schedule your personal training sessions or to speak with one of our specialists about Pilates Training Packages.