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Citizens Sleep Center

The Citizens Sleep Center, located in Citizens Imaging Center, consists of educational, research, and clinical programs aimed to improve patient care and advance the field of sleep medicine. Sleep is one of the greatest existing mysteries in the biological sciences. In this century, breakthroughs in human sleep health will be some of the foremost advances in health and wellness.

Take the Citizens Sleep Center Disorder Test to determine if you need further testing or if your sleep patterns are within the normal range.

At the Citizens Sleep Center, we are committed to:

  • Assist individuals with sleep problems.
  • Educate patients and professionals about sleep disorders.
  • Improve sleep health.
  • Contribute to the science of Sleep Medicine.

Our Comprehensive Services include:

  • Individual evaluations of sleep problems.
  • Sleep physicians’ care.
  • Testing for sleep disorders and other excessive sleepiness.

At some point during adult life, at least 75% of all adults will suffer from one or more diagnosable sleep disorders. Two of the most common diagnosed at Citizens Sleep Center are obstructive sleep apnea and insomnia.

Sleep apnea affects a sufferer’s life in many different ways. Not only does it lead to more serious health problems, but it also creates physical conditions that keep the sufferer from living a normal life. Sleep apnea sufferers frequently complain of feeling tired, depressed, and having a general lack of energy.

Patients who seek treatment for sleep apnea have reported an increased energy level, a renewed interest in physical activities, and an overall positive change in their lives after being tested and treated. Some patients have even found the energy to exercise, lose weight, and re-establish their social lives. If you don’t have the energy to get the most out of life, you may have a sleep disorder that needs to be treated.

Pre-Disposing Factors for Sleep Apnea:

  • obesity
  • age (40+ years)
  • gender (male: female 2:1)
  • large neck
  • various medications
  • alcohol use
  • smoking
  • family history

All of these reasons are why you should not ignore signs of sleep apnea in yourself and your family. Take the Citizens Sleep Center Disorder Test to determine if you need further testing or if your sleep patterns are within the normal range.

If you feel you may have a sleep disorder, please discuss it with your primary physician. For more information about the Citizens Sleep Center Program, contact a member of the team at (361) 570-7277.

Citizens Sleep Center

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Medical Director

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Physicians Reading Citizens’ Sleep Studies are:
Robin Adams, M.D.
Sanjeer Bhatia, M.D.